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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How long does it take the band to set up/take down?
    ✧ We spend about three hours from the time we load in until we're set and ready. ✧ Set up and sound check is completed 90 minutes prior to guests' arrival. ✧ Tear down takes about 90 minutes.
  • Does the requested performance length include setup and take-down time?
    Nope :-) ✧ For example, 3-hour performances typically include 3 sets of live music with two 15-minute breaks. Set up and tear down occur before and after our performances.
  • What about prerecorded music and DJs?
    ✧ DJ services are included and customizable. This means we'll play any and all of your selected tracks over our sound system at any time during the event requiring recorded music. ✧ We're also happy using our expertise to curate your selections, if you'd rather not think about it.
  • Do you have any videos where we can see/hear you?
    But of course—enjoy! ✧ Check out this promo reel: ✧ And this "dressed down" clip from one of our rehearsals: More coming soon!
  • Do you have a list of songs we can choose from or how does it work?
    Yep! ✧ Clients may customize their song selection, or trust us to curate a set based on their taste profile and our expertise. ✧ We're able to perform around 30 songs during a 3-hour performance. You can read more about how it works—plus explore a sampling of our song list—here.
  • What does pricing look like?
    Pricing depends on several factors like location and complexity of services. Please visit our packages page for more info or schedule a call for a quote.
  • What about non-music services?
    Yes, we can help with additional services like video, photography, photobooth rentals, and even floral arrangements. Let us know your requirements and we will make it happen.
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